Dieters fail to maintain weight loss, says new study


Updated Trends: A small study has found that the people who are on a diet cannot actually keep the weight off their body. This happens as they know that losing weight is hard and keeping it off can be even harder.


Some researchers in Australia have explained the actual reason behind this new evidence. The researchers stated that after weight loss, certain hormonal changes in the body sends certain signals to the body to show slow metabolism.

This increases the urge to eat for at least a year after the weight loss. The findings also suggest that people who lose weight revert to their old habits as they think that the process is complete and can go back to their old habits.

Earlier, research has shown that when a person slims down after a diet plan, then the body responds quickly due to the hormonal changes. Such hormonal changes affect the hunger and satiety. The author of the study said that multiple compensatory mechanisms encourage in weight gain. Due to the hormonal changes, the brain sends a signal that the energy levels in the body are low and are slowing the body mechanisms. This then results in triggering the hunger and eventually increases the weight too.