Drinking beer could be good for heart?


Updated Trends: In some good news for all beer lovers, a recent study suggested that drinking beer could be healthy for the heart. An analysis has shown that moderate consumption of beer could reduce the risk of the heart diseases by 31 percent.


The analysis was conducted by an Italian Foundation Fondazione di Ricerca e Cura in which the findings were based on the drinking habits of more than 2,00,000 people. People who consumed beer, wine and spirits were studied.

According to some of the earlier findings, drinking red wine could reduce the risk of developing cancer, heart diseases and even diabetes due to its content of anti-oxidants. But the recent study has shocked some as it could also have health benefits.

Some could not believe that it could have such properties, while others were not surprised over its protective qualities. Consumption of alcohol can increase the levels of lipoprotein, also known as the good cholesterol. This helps in reducing the risk of hardening of the arteries and even thickening of the blood. The findings are contrary to the fact that the alcohol is not good for the health of the heart. So the study suggests that the English pint beer with 5 percent alcohol can be good for the health of the heart.