Alzheimer’s disease screening possible in two years, with a cure in 10 years


    Updated Trends: Now early screening of the Alzheimer’s disease is no longer impossible. According to a psychiatrist, just a few simple tests can now soon be made available to everyone over the age of 60.

    alzheimer's disease

    Professor Barbara Sahakian has said that within 10 years, a cure can be brought for such a condition for several potential sufferers. The cure may even come within five years with the help of the new drug regimes.

    The doctors are now being encouraged to make more efforts to diagnose the disease earlier, so as to keep the disease away from the patient. Certain tests are now being developed by the researches to detect the disease at the early stages.

    Certain blood tests can detect small changes in the proteins and some memory tests can also help in detecting the disease. Moreover, eye tests can also be done to detect the changes at the delicate cells at least 20 years before the symptoms appear. Sahakian said that one of the top challenges is to integrate the screening in to the routine health care. The professor said that in the upcoming years they could come up with an agreement about the best and the most effective biomarkers. It could also be done through GP surgeries, Sahakian added.