5 ways to get rid of foot odor


    Updated Trends: Foot odor is a common problem faced by many people in the rainy season and even in other seasons. The problem affects not only the person suffering from foot odor, but also friends and family members who are in close proximity. However, there are some simple ways to get rid of the problem by following some simple steps.

    foot odor

    1. Change shoes frequently – Make sure that you change your shoes more often so that you avoid the accumulation of moisture in the shoes – especially in the rainy season. The wetness can cause the skin to break, which results in foot odor.

    2. Allow your feet to breathe – While purchasing footwear, make sure you purchase shoes which let some air in for the foot to breathe. Such shoes will not allow the moisture to accumulate in the shoes.

    3. Socks – One must make sure to wear dry pair of socks, which is dry and clean. Always change the socks at least two to three times a day. A pair of cotton socks is recommended since it soaks the wetness; avoid nylon socks.

    4. Stress – There are also possibilities that the stress may be the reason of foot odor. A professional talk with the doctor would help in healing the problem.

    5. Powder and dry after bathing – Good hygiene is the basic treatment. After having a bath, make sure to dry the feet properly and apply foot powder so that the remaining moisture is soaked. There are also medicated foot powders which can be used.