Neutralize spicy dishes in 5 simple ways


    Updated Trends: Even a perfect chef might end up in a blunder, while putting in the spices in the dishes. Too much of spice can cause burning of the stomach and even mouth and spoil the taste of a yum dish. In such a case,  many people panic on what to do with the over spicy food. Rest assured that there are ways to neutralize spicy food.

    spicy food

    1. Add lemon – Lemon is one of the good neutralizing agents. Just squeeze a lemon in to the food and the acid in the lemon neutralizes the spice and makes the dish milder.

    2. Add Yogurt or cream – You can add some yogurt or sour cream or even coconut milk in the dish in which too much of spice has been added. The creaminess of the yogurt interrupts with the heat in the mouth and helps in diluting the spices.

    3. Add Pineapple – Adding some crushed pineapple to the dish can neutralize the spice. Moreover, the flavor would add to the dish. The sweetness in the fruit neutralizes the spice in the dish.

    4. Serve bread – In case you have accidentally served a spicy dish, then one can neutralize by serving something starchy like bread, rotis or rice. The different texture of the food neutralizes the spicy food.

    5. Serve Cheese toppings – Adding a cheese topping can neutralize the spicy food and also soothes the palate. Just grate some cheese over the spicy dish and serve it. It not only brings down the hotness quotient but also increases the presentation of the food.