Less salt intake might not lower risk of heart disease?


    Updated Trends: For years, medical experts have said that eating less salt reduces the risk of heart diseases. But a new study has mentioned that salt may not be as bad as it is commonly believed by medical practitioners.


    Some researchers from the Universities of Exeter and Plymouth in Exeter UK have conducted a study after accumulating data of more than 6,500 participants. The participants of the study had reduced the intake of salt.

    It was found that lesser intake of salt had resulted in lowering of the blood pressure, but it did not have any risk of heart disease. At the same time, the results of the study did not mean that the people can have as much salt as they want.

    The researchers stated that till now they do not have enough data so that they could come to a firm conclusion to prove their point about the intake of salt. It was explained that the participants had just lowered the intake of sodium and the effect on the blood pressure and the heart was low. On the other hand, other experts not involved in the study, had mixed opinions. Even they had agreed that more data and research has to be done to prove the point.