Avoid motion sickness in five easy ways


    Updated Trends: While a trip is planned along with family, one thing that could really spoil the fun of traveling is motion sickness that children tend to be prone to. In such a case one has to be prepared, in order to make the family outing a pleasant one for everyone. Here are the five ways to avoid motion sickness and have a fun trip.

    Travel Sickness

    1. Do not read – Do not indulge in playing cards or reading in the car/bus, as this may aggravate motion sickness. The best way to relax yourself is to listen and enjoy the music with the window slightly opened.

    2. Avoid oily food – Oily French fires, pizzas with extra cheese toppings are a no no for a road trip. Make sure that you carry some green grilled sandwiches and other oil free food items that may not aggravate motion sickness.

    3. Frequent stops – It is observed that many kids do not develop motion sickness in the first 30 minutes of the journey. So try to make frequent stops in between the journey to avoid motion sickness.

    4. Avoid fumes – Make sure that the children are kept away from the harmful fumes of cigarettes and air freshners. Make sure to adjust the air conditioning ventilators when you pass a diesel truck or vehicle.

    5. Preparation – It is important that you carry some essential medicines, when you know that your child is prone to nausea. Although it’s best to check up with your doctor, using elastic acupressure bands for mild cases, as well as giving ginger sweets/biscuits, is a good way to deal with the sickness.