Recycle old newspaper in creative ways


Updated Trends: Apart from providing you with the latest news, a newspapter can also be used in a number of ways. Once the newspaper becomes old, it becomes useless and is mostly thrown out. Here are the top five ways to utilize the old newspaper at home.


1. Fire logs – A cozy fireplace during a cold winter night is the most luxurious thing one can think of. However, to create such an ambience can be expensive as the starter logs have to be purchased. One can easily make logs with the help of newspaper pulp and wax.

2. Newspaper flowers – One can be creative by making some artificial flowers from the newspaper that can be decorated in your living room. Instead of purchasing fresh flowers everyday, one can make newspaper flowers that can last for long, all you need to do is paint it with some flashy coulours.

3. Wiping glass – Instead of disposing the newspapers, one can make use of the news papers to wipe and clean glass and even mirrors at home. Not many are aware that a news paper is the best thing that can be used to clean glass objects and give it a sparkling shine.

4. Storage – One can use newspapers to store objects like books, crockery and clothes in the shelves. Old newspapers make very good storage material.

5. Craft – Instead of purchasing paper for craft for your children in school, one can save paper by using news paper for art and craft and other projects.