What things to save when your house is on fire – Top 5 priorities


    Updated Trends: In a situation of emergency, one has to act wisely instead of panicking. One must first look in to priorities in such a situation. Make sure that you do not bother much about you valuables, as saving your family’s life is more important than valuables. Here are the five things one must save from fire.


    1. Children – Children are the ones who panic in such a situation. It is essential to grab them and bring them to safety and console them that you are there for them, eve though the house is burning down.

    2. Pets – If you are a kind person, make sure that you take your pets and fishes to safety. If they can be faithful to you, then you can also be a little kind to them by saving their life from fire.

    3. Pictures – Pictures are the most memorable things, one should save from being destroyed. One can never bring back the old memories spent in childhood or of college days.

    4. Important documents – Always keep all the important documents and papers in one place. During an emergency, you do not have to search for them all around, so it’s better that they are kept together just incase disaster strikes.

    5. Money – Let this be the least priority, as if money is saved then they can be utilized in a crisis situation, when you have lost nearly everything.