Microwave vs Traditional Cooking – Why microwave cooking is better?


Updated Trends: Microwave cooking has always been a controversy ever since microwaves came into existence. But in the recent years, the kitchen gadget has become a necessity in every kitchen thanks to our hectic lifestyle’s and time constraints.. Some have said that microwave cooking takes away all the nutrients from the food, while some had even said that consuming microwave cooked food to develops cancers.


However, times have changed and here are the top five reasons one must switch to microwave cooking.

1. Healthy – Cooking in a microwave takes less oil, which in turn becomes healthy for human consumption. In times when healthy cooking has become a necessary evil, switching to microwave cooking would be a wise idea as compared to using the traditional gas stove.

2. Nutritious – When vegetables are cooked in a microwave, with a proper procedure, the nutrients in them are saved and are healthy for consumption. The veggies must be spread evenly and must be cooked for a very less time.

3. Microwave popcorn is best cooked – Consumption of corn is a very essential part of the diet. It provides necessary nutrients for the body and microwave popcorn is the best way to consume corn.

4. Fish extravaganza– Fish is the best thing that can be cooked in a microwave. If cooked properly, no extra liquid is essential for cooking fish.

5. Saves time – Microwave cooking saves a lot of time. Apart from cooking the microwave also helps in heating food in just few seconds.