Why should you become a vegetarian – Top 5 reasons to turn vegan


    Updated Trends: Many people do not understand the importance of vegetables. People who often indulge in a non-vegetarian meal, do not realize, how much they are vulnerable to various health ailments. Vegetables, when cooked in a healthy manner, do more good to the body and health than meats and sea-food. So if you want to opt for a vegetarian diet, but lack the motivation to do so, here are the five reasons one can switch to become a vegetarian.


    1. Proteins – Being a vegetarian, one can consume more proteins. Nutritionists say that healthy proteins can be consumed by having beans, tofu, lentils, spinach and other green vegetables.

    2. Health ailments – Vegetarians are more prone to prostate cancer, as 54 percent of the non vegetarians are prone to this type of cancer. Those who eat meat about three to four times a week are prone to bladder cancer, as compared to vegetarians.

    3. Chemicals – Non-vegetarians consume all the chemicals, which were consumed by the animal. Most of the chemicals enter through a type of beef that contains cancer causing pesticides. Though vegetables do consist of some amount of chemicals, the content is lower than that of meats.

    4. Money saver – A lot of money can be saved, as most of the restaurants serve vegetarian food, which is much cheaper than the non vegetarian food. Many restaurants also serve innovative organic food at reasonable prices. Moreover, one can also loose weight on consuming organic vegetarian food.

    5. Vegetarian celebrities – You are not alone. There are also many celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Brad Pitt, Richard Gere, Kim Bassinger, Woody Harelson, Alicia Silverstone and Anthony Perkins, who indulge in only in vegetarian food and are ambassadors for the vegan way of life.