Five reasons one should get a pet dog


Updated Trends: A pet is a companion, who has the capability to cheer the person within no time. Not many people are aware that a pet at home can even change a person’s outlook towards life. There are many examples in the past where a pet dog, has managed to change a person’s behavior and attitude towards life. Here are the reasons why one must have a dog at home.

heidi my dog 2HeidiI love to love

1. Unlimited love – A dog always showers you with love and affection more than you actually need. But the overflow does not do any harm, but is in fact good for the overall atmosphere at home.

heidi my dog 1Heidi – I Still love you

2. Loyalty – There are certain breeds of dogs, who become loyal to their masters as time passes. All they need is just some attention, some food and a scratch behind their ear to make them loyal towards you.

heidi my dog 3Heidi – I loved you when I was small too!

3. Protection – Dogs do provide with ample protection. They may not be capable of fighting with a thief but can very well alert the members in the house, in case of any trespassing or any danger.

4. Companionship – Dogs are the best companions. They can walk hours together with their masters and are even good listeners. They never ever talk back, but they are all ears to you. What a wonderful quality?

5. Joy – Nothing can be better than returning tired from work and you pet at home just waits to shower his love on you. The presence of a pet dog at home can bring immense joy to the family.

Heidi – I practice with my toys just in-case i need to protect At least I will try. I love you!!
heidi my dog 4

Remember, all you have a loved one in the form of pet make sure to give your pet the best you can as they always give their best to take away our stress. Dogs have been know to be man’s best friend and they sure have lived up to that.

heidi my dog 5Heidi – I wait for hours staring at the door, I know you will come soon, I love you!!

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