10 exotic flowers to gift your loved one


    Updated Trends: Love is a beautiful feeling and the feeling gets even better when it is expressed with a token of appreciation. The market is filled with those expensive gifts items, but there is nothing in the world that can express love better than flowers. If you are planning on buying some flowers for your loved one and cannot decide what to buy, then we have just the list of the top 10 flowers that can be presented to your loved one.


    1. Sunflower – The golden shine of the flower speaks more than words and a big sunflower is enough to express the inner most feelings to your sweetheart. Even a bunch of sunflowers can do the magic.

    2. Wildflower – Wild flowers is one of the top 10 flowers in the world. A bunch of wild flowers, some music will create a perfect ambience to express your love.

    3. The Iris – Iris is a symbol of love and faith, which are the pillars of any relationship. Gift a bunch of iris flowers to show your faith and love in the best way. Regenerate your lost love and say it with your heart along with the flowers.

    4. Carnations – A carnation shows how much you admire your loved one. A bunch of the flowers are enough to express in a unique way how much you are fond of your partner.

    5. Lilac – the purple color of the flower helps to express the passion of your love. A bunch of lilac flowers will make your partner feel secure.

    6. Lily – A beautiful bunch of lilies are the perfect way to express your love to your partner. The flower symbolizes admiration for your partner.

    7. Orchid – Orchid depicts the endless love for your partner. The flowers also symbolize passion, warmth and love.

    8. Rose – Roses show how much you adore your partner. A red rose is a symbol of love and is the perfect flower to propose your love.

    9. Primrose – A bunch of primroses are the perfect way to display your emotions to your partner. A perfect ambience can be created with the help of the flowers to utter those magical words.

    10. Tulip – Tulip is the perfect flower to express the passion of your love in the most delicate way. The bunch of tulips can help to bring out the true emotions of your relationship.