Supermoon mania takes over the world- Biggest full moon seen in over 18 years


    Updated Trends: Whatever you do tonight please resist the urge to go outdoors at night, especially alone. There are no dreaded criminals at large, but werewolves may be having an outdoor party! Yes, today is a full moon night but not just any full moon; one would be able to spot the ‘supermoon’ today.


    The moon would shine brighter than it has done in the last 18 years, tonight. The beautiful satellite would be nearer to the Earth today than it has been in almost two decades. Looking at the moon on Saturday might just explain you why romance is associated with this celestial body.

    Though the moon would be brightest during the afternoon, precisely around 1 pm, be sure to catch a glimpse of it during the evening hours. Because if you don’t do that today, you would have to wait for another 18 years or until 2029 to witness this phenomenon.

    Traditionally, supermoon is related with some mishaps with astrologers believing it to be a harbinger of unfolding of nature’s fury. Yet, if NASA is to be believed there really is no reason to fear the occurrence of this event. Netizens have already declared being over the moon as they get to see the moon as close as they can from the terra firma, making it appear way bigger than it normally does.

    Moon orbits the Earth in an oval path, so it is bound to come close to the planet many times over. But it is not very common to have a full moon when the two bodies are closest to each other. Even a couple of years ago, there was a near supermoon, with the full moon being four hours away from the time when the moon closed in on Earth.

    So keep your gaze heaven bound, lest you miss one of the most spectacular views that you can see in the sky.