Top 5 Motorcycle companies in the world


Updated Trends: Today we can see motorcycles as a common mode of transport everywhere, especially in Asia. It is not only a mode of transportation today but also a trend, because of the variety of brands available in the market today. To put together all the brands is impossible, but we have the top 5 motorcycles companies in the world, which have made their mark in the global market.

top five motorcycle companies in the world

5) Kawasaki – The Japanese based motorcycle company, better known for its typical green colour, the company has really powerful motorcycles to offer. But quality issues and shipment flaws have always rendered the company to lag behind in subtle competition.

4) Harley Davidson – Pure American blood, and not to mention the trend this brand has set all over the world. Its typical western looks and style has pulled in many customers, but has failed to impress riders globally, especially in Asia.

3) Ducati – Finally an Italian brand that brings goose bumps to even the best riders. The style, looks and performance of this brand is exceptional, it is even compared as a supermodel in the world of bikes, but sadly she is just too expensive.

2) Honda – The Japanese name that has inspired bike manufacturers all over the world, and quality is its trademark and nothing much is needed to say about Honda. Exquisite, exceptional and empowering, it will grip your heart with every rev in the engine.

1) Yamaha – This company does not need a definition at all, the brand itself explains everything. A Yamaha on the road makes heads turn at least once, not for its looks but the sound and performance. It has thrashed every motorcycle company in the world, and has evolved as a racing legend that has transpired many. Yamaha certainly touches everyone’s heart.