Five most expensive motorcycles in the world


Updated Trends: Motorcycles are a common and cheap mode of transportation, but one should also know, there are a number of these vehicles one can only dream to purchase. These are the motorcycles which are placed as priceless collections with the rich and we have the five most expensive motorcycles in the world.


5) MTT Turbine SuperBike – Price: $150,000
The MTT Turbine Superbike is in fact a demon cast into a form of motorbike, and there are very few people who have managed to tame it. A helicopter engine hides within the frame and is also the fastest production bike in the world.

4) Icon Sheene – Price: $160,000
The Icon Sheen is a bike built in memory of legendary British Grand Prix motorcycle champion Barry Sheene. It has a 1400CC engine that pumps out 250 horses, you cannot tame it.

3) Macchia Nera concept bike – Price: $201,000
Strange looking concept bike, which is just way too expensive before making it to the market. Its a piece of art, so for many this little machine is as ugly as a sea weed, so just push you minds off this one.

2) Ecosse Titanium Series RR Limited Edition – $275,000
The entire bike sits on a titanium chassis, has a 2150CC engine that boosts 200 horses which can drive anyone crazy. Specifically designed on order, and the units for sale are limited to 10 only.

1) Dodge Tomahawk V10 Superbike – $555,000
With a price tag of over half a million, this is the most expensive bike ever built by man. One look at the bike, you picture it from the year 2300. The entire machine is an engine itself, for it holds an 8.3Ltr V10 engine, bigger than any normal day sports car. Legends say, this beast can clock 400 mph, as it weighs 1500 pounds and sits on four wheels.