Actor Peter Fonda Stumbles Over A Dead Body At Sunset Boulevard


Updated Trends: Hollywood actor Peter Fonda has stumbled over a dead body in Sunset Boulevard at the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles, and that was a real shock for him. The actor who was passing by in his car, pulled over to investigate a suspicious looking vehicle, and to his shock he found a dead man on the front seat of the car.

peter fonda

Peter immediately dialled 911 and called in the authorities to investigate, and later sources told the TMZ website, that the dead man had taken his own life and was lying there since almost three days. The ‘Easy Rider’ star is indeed an alert citizen, and he himself has brushed death when he was young.

The 70 year old actor has had a prosperous career in Hollywood, and thanks to his role in the movie ‘Easy Rider’, his appearance itself has now turned into a trademark. The actor was in a state of shock and surprise after he had found a dead person by the road, at least this something out of the normal for a veteran Hollywood actor.

Source: PopEater