Media Reaction Over Arizona Shooting Is ‘Blood Libel’ – Sarah Palin


Updated Trends: Sarah Palin has lashed out against the media, especially over their reaction in context to the Arizona shooting, where she has said that her opponents posted a Blood Libel picture of her and her party’s involvement in the incident. Reports say that she or her party members had some sort of connection with the shooter, or may be he was influenced by the opponents.


Almost four days have passed by after the infamous shooting took place in Tucson. Six people were reported dead and fourteen others critically injured, which includes US Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords. Palin states that her opponents have used a conspiracy tactic to downplay her through this shooting incident, as she is running for President in the year 2012.

Even though she has come forward and condemned the attack and the accusation of her opponents, she has remained awkwardly silent since the incident took place. Sarah Palin has clearly denied the rhetoric and says this is the point of extreme criticism.

Source: Guardian