Julian Assange To Appear In Court Over Extradition Case


Updated Trends: Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange is due to appear for a court hearing on Tuesday, and this in context to the extradition case, just ahead of the hearing which will be held in Sweden where is he is wanted for sex crime offence. Assange was released on bail last month, as he was imprisoned at Wandsworth Prison for nine days, for he was internationally wanted.

Julian-Assange-extradition case

He is now residing near the Norfolk border at a manor’s house, where he peacefully spent his Christmas. Julian Assange today has become an international personality for journalists and supporters of Wikileaks, as a result his court hearing always have huge presence of his followers and reporters.

Two women from Sweden accuse him of committing rape with them in the month of August, and on the basis of this the Swedish court has called him for a hearing next month. Assange admits to have physical relations with these women, but he surely did not committed rape with them.

Source: Guardian