Arizona Shooting Victim Gabrielle Giffords Life Is A Miracle – Doctors


    Updated Trends: One of the injured victims of the Arizona shooting, Gabrielle Giffords, a US Congresswoman, has sustained life threatening injuries and the doctors now state that her life has turned out to be a miracle. Gabrielle received a head shot and she survived it, and in addition to that she is able to follow commands and hear everything, which is not less than a miracle.

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    Her surgeons and doctors at the hospital who performed the surgery over her were shocked to see her doing well, as when she was brought in, there were local news which stated that she was already dead or was just fighting to stay alive.

    Doctors at the hospital have confessed that there are very few people on earth who have actually survived a gun shot wound in their head. But they are not sure whether she will be doing some things that she used to do without problems. Her nervous system has taken some damage, and it could be seen only when she recovers.

    Source: ABC