Baltimore Ravens Safety Ed Reed’s Brother Is Reported Missing, Police In Search


    Updated Trends: Baltimore Ravens, Safety, Ed Reed’s brother is reported to have been missing after he tried to save himself from the Police. The Police at St. Charles Parish, La., are trying to search the missing man, and it was a shock after it was revealed that he was none other than Ed Reed’s brother.


    Brian Reed, 29 year old brother of Ed Reed, jumped into the Mississippi river to elude the cops, they also say after he jumped almost 15 feet into the river below and then he was not be seen. His hands were seen for a moment after they saw the splash, but then he just disappeared into the water.

    Reed was involved in chase, after the police suspected him of driving a stolen vehicle. The cops pursued him and then he later went aground, so to ditch the police who were after him, he apparently jumped into the Mississippi. His family is very sad about his disappearance, his mother says “He was a good person, but he kind of had a little run in with drugs and stuff. He had kind of got off it. Other than that he was all right”

    Source: FoxSports