Google Goes Roman Numerals With Google Doodle This New Year 2011


Updated Trends: The latest Google doodle this new year is really special, and the search giant has gone with Roman numerals to signify this come new year 2011. The New Year doodle is a version of the word Google written fancily with Roman numerals. It is not the first time that Google has come up with something like this, but the company has been providing doodles for special occasions this whole year.


The New Year doodle makes us think what is it that is in middle of G and E, the word Google is written as ‘GMMXIE’, MMXI means 2011, and this is indeed a work of genius in creating such a doodle. In the background one can also see fireworks which show the celebrations which will be taking place around the world.

When it was released earlier, many were puzzled as what this doodle actually meant. Netizens around the world started commenting on social networks, about this new doodle. It is just something that Google shows the world with its exquisite and artistic work, that it is signifying the importance of this new year.

Source: oneindia