Verizon HTC Thunderbolt 4G Photos Leaked? Real Or Fake


Updated Trends: The Verizon HTC Thunderbolt 4G photos have been leaked, and many are asking whether they are real or fake photos. After having a look at the device, it seems that they are quite real, and Verizon will come up with this phone very soon. Yes it is a complete 4G phone and features high definition display.


Photo: droidlife

After looking at the device for the for the first time, it did not provide the charm the Desire HD had, but it does come with a rear stand so one can use during the video chat feature easily. The 4G Thunderbolt will be the third 4G phone that has been presented by HTC, making it the only manufacturer to produce more than two 4G phones in its line up.

The phone will be having an 8 mega pixel camera and a 4.3 inch touch screen which is really attractive. In addition to that the phone has a 1Ghz processor that makes the device run smooth and fast. Indeed this phone will stand as a strong contender in the market, and will give other competitors a tough fight in the sales segment.

Source: Unwired