Dublin International Airport Reopens After Bad Weather


Updated Trends: Good news for the people in Ireland as the Dublin International Airport has officially reopened after a phase of bad weather over the country. Heavy snowfall had caused more than 270 flights to be delayed from the airport, affecting the passengers heavily. As per the reports, more than 40000 travellers were stranded due to the bad weather.

dublin international airport

The airport authorities had to remove more than 15,000 tonnes of snow from the runway to make paths clear for landing and take off. As of now the airport has been reopened, but the flight cancellations and delays are still prominent. The Airport officials have asked the passengers, that they should contact their airline to find out what is the position of their respective flight.

Motorists in the UK have been affected the most as the icy conditions are making it impossible for people to take the highways and major roads. Christmas is on its way and people will be out shopping, in this way there are thousands of call outs expected in the next few days. Europe has been hit hard with the winter snowfall this year and it may even get worse in the coming months.

Source: BBC