Twin Explosions At The Swiss And Chilean Embassy In Rome


    Updated Trends: Twin explosions have taken place at the Swiss and Chilean embassy in Rome as a result of which one person in the Chilean embassy and one worker from the Swiss embassy are reported to have been injured. Both the explosion took place as a package was opened, and this is why two men have been hospitalized.

    chilean embassy explosion rome

    Both of them were working at the respective embassies, and have suffered non-life threatening wounds. An Italian Minister has criticized the attacks and has said it an act of violence. The worker who was injured at the Swiss embassy, was hurt when he tried to open the package, after which an explosion took place, in which both his hands got wounded.

    Just hours after the Swiss Embassy explosion, a similar explosion took place at the Chilean Embassy too, in which one person has been injured. Both the embassies are close to each other, which determines the attack was well planned out. As of now no organization or people have claimed the responsibly of the attack.

    Source: CBC