Moscow Riots Still Unstable On Saturday, Police Keep The City Calm


Updated Trends: The ongoing tensions and riots in Moscow was still unstable on Saturday, but the Moscow police kept the whole city calm through the weekend. There were known instances near the Ostankino TV complex, where there was some type of anti social behaviour taking place, but the Moscow Police were successful in dispersing the rioters.

moscow riots

On Saturday, more than 100 people were arrested near VDNKh metro station and Ostankino, the Police said. The weekend was not a pleasant place in the city, as there was heavy police protection around Moscow, just in case matters got out of hand. Citizens were had problems in their Christmas shopping, as most of the shops and malls were closed off.

There was traffic jams seen near Mokhovaya Ulitsa because of the huge number of Police vehicles present there. The Moscow Police concluded that the weekend was relatively calm and there were very few instances of disturbance witnessed in the city. The police said that important places like the markets and malls will be allowed to be open for Christmas shopping.

Source: themoscownews