Singing Superstar Mariah Carey Is Expecting Twins


Updated Trends: American singing superstar, Mariah Carey is reportedly expecting twins and it is official, as her husband Nick Cannon has disclosed the news about his wife. There were loads of rumours around the web, which said that the couple were going to have one child, but it has finally been confirmed that Mariah is pregnant with twins.


It gets more interesting, if one were to think who pulled this news from the couple,because  it happens to be none other than President Barack Obama. Mariah was performing at ‘Christmas in Washington 2010’ this Sunday, where the first lady and the President were present. The “Honey” singer reportedly told Michelle that she is pregnant with twins.

Nick spoke about the President and his wife on a radio talk show, plus he also said that his wife is expecting twins. The couple are quite happy about the fact that their family will be growing, and there will be not one but two new members in the house. Nick has not disclosed the date of her delivery, but it will be in the news very soon.

Source: USAToday