Arun Nayar Could Name Shane Warne In Liz Hurley Divorce


Updated Trends:Arun Nayar, who is the millionaire husband of model Liz Hurley, could name Shane Warne in his divorce. Reports state that he is angry and upset about the fact that Hurley was in an alleged affair with the Australian cricketer, and he is trying to find out when this began. Arun had married Liz in India some three years back, and he was furious that his wife is now moving around with Shane Warne.

arun nayar liz hurley divorce

Arun Nayar, 41, is a textile tycoon in the UK and his lawyers have said that he can file a lawsuit against the Australian spinner too, which states his ‘inappropriate behaviour’. The whole news about Shane and Liz affair boiled after a photograph of them kissing each other surfaced online.

One of Arun’s family members stated “Arun is very angry and cannot believe he has been so humiliated. He is an honourable and very proud man and wants to know what really went on.” They also say that he loved Liz with his heart and now as their marriage is destroyed, he is left completely heart broken.