NATO Members Of Parliament Quite Unsure About Corporation With Russia


Updated Trends: Many Members of the Parliament in Europe have shown their peculiar view in regards to NATO’s corporation with Russia. Reports state they feel that they are politically ok with the situation and will it be technically feasible to go ahead with it. If this fails, then it will surely create a backlash which can threaten the European Union.


Robert Bell, who is the spokesperson in the place of the US Secretary of Defence, has told the MP’s that the NATO-Russia talks –  in context to the European missile shield – will begin this week. During the NATO summit in Lisbon, the head of the states declared that the alliance is ready to invite Russia’s corporation in the European Missile defence deal.

NATO will be unveiling the Europe Missile Defense system sometime in the year 2011, and Bell stated that it will be taking 10 years to cover the Bloc’s region with the missile shield, which will be costing around €200 million. 21% of the cost incurred here will be borne by the United States.

Source: DefenseNews