Groupon May Still Bargain Against Google’s $6 Billion


Updated Trends: Groupon may still go for a stronger bargain in the market today, as Google’s price for the company seems to be just too high. One of the officials of the company has stated that the Groupon’s annual revenue has crossed $1 billion this year, and its number of subscribers have tripled to almost 35 million now. An analyst has also predicted that the sales for Groupon in the year 2011 will reach to around $1.5 billion.


With its sales figures touching around $1 billion plus, experts feel that a $6 billion acquisition is just more than enough. Recently, Groupon has also disclosed plans for it’s future business and earnings, where it will concentrate more on the local market itself.

Groupon’s founder on the other hand, is least concerned about the acquisition; rather he is concentrating on the market strategies that he would be implementing in the following years. He feels they are well positioned in the market.

Source: nytimes