Russian Tourists Attacked By Sharks At Sharm el-Sheikh


Updated Trends: Three Russian tourists have been attacked by Sharks off the coast of Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt. After the horrifying attack the fear among the people was over after it was known that the attacking shark was captured. But for the three tourists from Russia, the annual winter break turned out to be a life changing event.

sharm al sheikh

There were a chain of incidents that were taking place at Sharm el-Sheikh, the first incident of the attack was on a 70 year old woman who had been bitten on her arms and legs. Then another attack took place on a Ukrainian woman who had been bitten on her attack and then on Wednesday there was two more attack and one of them left a woman without an arm.

According to the local tourist the sharks in the red sea were not usually aggressive in nature rather they would not interfere with the humans. But after the recent attacks it has surprised the authorities and have put the tourists on high alert. The last time they had witnessed a behaviour like this was back in 2004 when a plan had crashed into the sea.

Source: themoscownews