Wikileaks Bank Of America News Has Sent Bank Stocks Spiralling


Updated Trends: Wikileaks has recently stated that the Bank of America will be next in line on Wikileaks expose list. The bank lost around 3.18% on its share prices on Tuesday and it has now scared most the investors as what Wikileaks has in store about the Bank. The Bank on the other had stated that Wikileaks cannot have credible evidence of any sort that can bring shame and disgrace for the bank.

wikileaks bank of america

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in a recent interview with Forbes has said that it will be targeting America’s largest bank, and disclose many dark truths about it. Assange had also admitted before that his organization had some 5 gigabytes worth of information that is equivalent to some 600,000 pages.

Assange seemed to be quite serious about Bank of America documents exposure, and said he will be releasing it sometime early next year. He quoted “You could call it the ecosystem of corruption, there will be some flagrant violations, unethical practices that will be revealed.” There are just too many revelations regarding the United States that has been coming up, and by the coming few years, every person in the world will be having a different view about America.

Source: Huffington Post