United Nations climate change talks begin in Cancun, Mexico


After building concerns of global warming, a new UN meeting of climate change talks began on Monday in Cancun, Mexico. The new round is expected to be attended by representatives from around 194 countries.

Climate change

Reports state that attempts will be made towards negotiating with the representatives of the developing and the developed nations to reduce carbon emissions. “We are very proud to be the hosts of an unprecedented effort of the international community to stop the global warming caused by humans,” Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa said.

According to sources, the discussion held last year at Copenhagen, Denmark, had high hopes to cut down the carbon emissions. But as the year progressed, the discussions held no value.

A United Nations report had said that if all the nations had followed the Copenhagen accord, then the world will have been 60 percent away from bringing the global average temperature below two degrees. The climate talks at Cancun are said to conclude on 10th December.