Ingrid Pitt, Famous Horror Film Actress Dies At 73


Ingrid Pitt, a famous British horror film actress, has died at a ripe age of 73. Her daughter Steffanie Pitt, has stated that she and her mother were on their way to a birthday dinner and it was during the course of the travel that she collapsed. The birthday dinner was kept in her honor and sadly she herself could not make it.

ingrid pitt dies

It is really sad to hear such an incident and Ingrid herself was a very good actress from the yesteryears horror movies. Her death has shocked everyone and especially her family and close friends, who had plans to celebrate her birthday. Her career was flauvant and she has acted in several Hollywood and British horror films.

She was born in Poland and has come from Jewish decent. The most astonishing part of her life is that she had survived the Nazi Holocaust when she was young. She was rescued by an American soldier, who in future turned be her husband. She has been survived by her second husband, her daughter Steffanie and a granddaughter.

Source: AFP