NATO Finalizes To Extend It’s Missile Shield


Updated Trends: NATO Finalizes To Extend It’s Missile Shield

At the NATO general leaders summit in Lisbon, the members have agreed to extend its missile shield in Europe and the US. They are also discussing to take crucial steps in Afghanistan, with the corporation of Russia. The leaders have come to a decision that the NATO will be extending its US led missile defense shield all over the European Territory.

NATO Missile Shield

This is the first strategy document made by the NATO in almost 10 years and it will be covering all the guidance in the mentioned countries for the next decade. The missile shield has been expanded, as the countries have kept in mind the terrorist threat, cyber attacks and also ballistic missile attacks.

President Obama, stated that they really wanted to develop a missile defense shield which can cover the whole of the European Union. The latest missile system will establish a communication field between various missile ports in across the EU, which will turn out to be one of the most effective ways to protect the nations.