Afghanistan Situation May Worsen As The Troops Leave Country Post 2011


Updated Trends: Afghanistan Situation May Worsen As Troops Leave The Country Post 2011

Experts feel that the situation in Afghanistan may worsen even further once the foreign troops leave the country, which will begin by 2011. According to the NATO, all its combat troops would be out of the country by the year 2014, and this could turn out to be a huge fall out in terms of managing the current situation of Afghanistan.


There is no stable government that is ready to take the initiative to run the whole country by itself, and this is a really sad scenario in context to Afghanistan. Anti-social activities are prominent in the region, and this is a serious concern in the country, even with the NATO troops stationed there today.

Many of the European countries are on the verge to slowly move out of the country, and by 2014, all the troops in the region would be virtually unoccupying the country, leaving the nation in the hands of the local government and available forces at that time. It may even get out of hand once again, and it will be a living nightmare for most of the people in the country, with most of the regions that would be occupied with terrorist insurgents.