Latest Hollywood Movie Unstoppable Taken Over By Megamind


Updated Trends: Latest Hollywood Movie Unstoppable Taken Over By Megamind

The latest Hollywood movie ‘Unstoppable’ has be stalled by the animated superhero movie ‘Megamind’. Unstoppable stars Denzel Washington and Chris Pine, and it is a movie that is full of action and heart pumping adrenalin, as it is based on a runaway train that these guys are trying to stop and avoid it from being smashed into the public.

Megamind and Unstoppable

The movie was strongly looked forward to, as the movie has one of the best actors in it, especially speaking about Denzel Washington. But Mastermind on the other hand, has done exceptionally well in the box office just after its release on the 28th of October. This animated movie is doing really well in the theaters, thanks to the crowd that mostly consists of children.

As children are being pulled to see a superhero animated movie, the real heroes in the movie Unstoppable have been shunned due to Megamind’s performance. Megamind has already collected over $100 million in the box office, which is a huge collection in just two weeks of the release, and Unstoppable is somewhere around $23 million, but we can still wait and watch how this movie would be doing after two weeks.