California Missile Mystery-Conspiracy Theories Emerge After News Takes Light


    Updated Trends: California Missile Mystery – Conspiracy Theories Emerge After News Takes Light

    The California Missile Mystery has taken a new turn and it seems that there are many conspiracy theories emerging from the dark side of the American government. It was earlier this week, that an object was seeing soaring through the Californian sky and this had panicked the people of the surrounding city.

    california missile

    It has always been seen that when such incidents or phenomenon takes place, conspiracy theories don’t take time to emerge amidst the people. Claims stating range from a rogue missile from the US itself to a missile fired from another country. But the worst part is that NORAD and other Military organizations have denied the recognition of this object.

    Later the conclusion was kept forward stating that it was a jet and the smoke behind was its contrail, as video and photograph was taken from a very strange angle, it was eventually assumed to be a missile. To put the words in a simple manner, it was an optical illusion which has mesmerized the people, making them feel it was a destructive cruise missile.