Latest Sci-Fi Movie ‘Skyline’ – Movie Review


Updated Trends: Latest Sci-Fi Movie ‘Skyline’ – Movie Review

The latest Sci-fi movie ‘Skyline’ has been released on the 11th November, and it the newest movie directed by Brothers Strause. Its been a long time that an alien movie has not been release, (last being Avatar). Skyline is a movie in which the aliens have invaded the planet Earth threatening to annihilate humanity by literally swallowing them.


During the night, beams of light seem to passing and shining over almost all the major cities around the world, and because of which human beings become attracted to it. Later it is known that as day breaks, any human being who is exposed to sunlight will be evaporated into thin air.

But even then, as most of the humans who have still survived this nightmarish ordeal, it is seen that these giant alien ships are threatening to swallow the entire remaining human race. Strong movie, and we can recommend that one should watch this movie along with their family and friends.