More Cracks Discovered On Space Shuttle Discovery


    Updated Trends: More Cracks Discovered On Space Shuttle Discovery

    NASA engineers are really surprised to ‘discover’ more cracks on the Space Shuttle Discovery, as its launch has now been suspended till the end of November. Two new cracks have been found on the tanks of the shuttle, both of which are measuring 9 inches long. These cracks have been found on the exterior of the shuttle tank, and it is now surprising the engineers how this could have been formed.


    Engineers had opened up the exterior foam insulation of the tank after which these cracks became visible. The engineers stated “They were found one of the stringers, which are composite aluminum ribs located vertically on the tank’s intertank area,” NASA said in a statement.”

    The officials will now have only one choice, as they repair the damaged section, they will be replacing this cracked aluminium plate with one twice as thick compared to before, after which they would also replace the insulation foam. This the fourth time the shuttle’s launch has been stalled, and the engineers would be looking ahead to launch it as soon as possible.