Church Attack In Baghdad, Iraq Kills 58


Updated Trends: Church Attack In Baghdad, Iraq Kills 58

A gruesome Church Attack in Baghdad, Iraq, has killed some 58 people, and this is considered to be the most deadly attack in the  recent weeks. The incident took place on Sunday during a Catholic Church service, as militants wearing bomb vests had entered the Church. As the Iraqi forces stormed into the building, these militants blew off their vests as a planned suicide attack.

Church Attack In Iraq

Photo Credit: Reuters

According to the forces, it is said that some 58 have been killed on the spot and around 50 are reported to be injured. But there was breakthrough during this attack, as the Iraqi forces have managed to arrest eight gunmen from this attacking group. Before the suicide attack, there were 120 people were attending the Church service as the militants entered the building and took all of them hostage.

The ‘Islamic State of Iraq’ has taken the responsibility of this attack, as it is an affiliate of the Al Qaeda terrorist organization.

Reports state that these militants killed two security guards, injured two others and then eventually detonated the bomb as they entered the Church. The Islamic State of Iraq, demands the release of its fellow members who have been captured by the forces, and they also called the Church as a ‘dirty place of the infidels’ and warned they would carry out more attacks on Christians in Iraq.