6 Healthy foods that are actually not healthy

There are a number of foods that you think are healthy but you need to beware of what you are consuming


A number of people are switching unhealthy foods with healthy alternatives. The choice is being made by millions of people across the globe as more people are now looking forward to a healthy lifestyle. Although not many are aware that the healthy alternatives are many times unhealthy. Here we will be looking in to the foods that many people think is healthy but are actually unhealthy.

  1. Fruit juices – They indeed provide the much needed hydration and vitamins but they are also added sugar with no fibre. Alternatively, you could opt for fruit juices with the pulp so that your body is not deprived of the fibre. The best way to have a fruit is to eat it whole.
  2. Cereal – There are a number of options in terms of cereal but most of them contain a lot of sugar  apart from artificial ingredients.
  3. Granola Bars – Majority of the granola bars available in the market are more like candy bars. But there are healthy options like the Trek Bars that have no added sugar.
  4. Protein Bars – Just like Granola Bars, most of the brands in the market are filled with sugar. There are a very few brands that have no added sugar. Many users on the internet have expressed that they find it tough to find healthy protein bars.
  5. Banana chips – Some of the commonly available version is those found at the gas stations that many people think are air dried, but are actually deep fried in hydrogenated oil. Even the dried pineapples are coated with plenty of sugar.
  6. Muffins – Now this one depends on the brand and the bakery. A single muffin can contain 50 to 300 calories without any nutritional benefits. These muffins usually are made in oil by the bakery, who do not care about the health factor but just want to make them taste good so that the customers return.

Photo Credits: Unsplash