Elon Musk continues to fire employees from Twitter

Elon Musk is on a firing spree from Twitter as it deals with transformation changes

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This is the third week of Elon Musk owning the social media site, Twitter. The new owner continues to resize its work force and is firing employees who criticized him. Musk on November 15, 2022 fired nearly two dozen employees. These were the employees who had gone against Musk publicly and privately. Elon Musk, after enough contemplation, completed the much awaited $44 billion acquisition of Twitter last month. Musk later confirmed about the cuts on the platform.

The cuts were made to the contract worker force of Twitter. A number of contract workers had worked on content moderation along with data science and were allowed to leave without a notice. With the above development it clearly seems like Musk is moving fast to transform Twitter as he has not given as very good idea about his finances. This month Elon musk laid off nearly half of the workforce at Twitter. He did not stop there and is now pushing the remaining employees to be quick in building and launching products.

Last week Musk had said that Twitter is likely to face a bankruptcy and that certain hard core measures need to be taken for the company to survive. The new chief of Twitter is now planning to reorganize the place and emit the need of the middle managers. While Musk continues with his cuts, he is also focusing on keeping the remaining staff motivated. The chief sent a message to the employees on November 14, 2022 that assured an exceptional amount of stock for exceptional performance.

The new Twitter owner also compared the system with how things worked at SpaceX, which is his private rocket manufacturing company. As of now Twitter seems to be under a financial pressure as a few advertisers have stepped away. Fashion company Balenciaga has deleted its Twitter account. Even Omnicom Media Group, that managed companies like Pepsico and McDonald’s has advised the clients to half their respective activities on the social media network.

Photo Credits: Elon Musk Official Instagram account