Polite habits employees of fast-food joints dislike

Fast-food employees are usually in a hurry and a few polite habits might turn them off

fast food

Customers at  fast food joints might do certain things that seem polite but you never know that might actually bother them or making their job harder. There are certain habits of the customers that the employees hate  and find annoying. Here we will be discussing about a few habits that you need to avoid as a customer and make sure that you don’t bug the fast food joint employees.

  1. Not correcting the mistake in the order – Make sure that you are as clear as possible. The employee repeats the order or make sure that you are looking at the screen and are not blindly placing the order. It is hard to fix once the order is processed.
  2. Handing over extra cash – You might be handing over some extra cash so you have bills that are easier to carry in your wallet. But this can make things tough for the employees to accept extra cash. They are often in a hurry and it is easier to give you back change.
  3. Waiting at the drive-through window – When you arrive at a drive-through, there is a designated place where you have to park so the flow of orders do not stop. You might be making it difficult for the employees if you are waiting at the wrong place. The best is to follow the directions.
  4. Cleaning up trays – do not leave bags and wrappers on the table unless the trash can is completely packed. Throw away the actual trash and separate the wrappers from the baskets.
  5. Ordering for the entire gang – You might be bringing in business for the outlet, but when you order for ten people at a drive through, the entire process slow down. It is wise to order at a restaurant or call in advance.
  6. Waiting at  the register for condiments – Once you have ordered your food and if you want extra condiments, then you do not have to wait at the cash register. Ask them upfront instead of standing at the register. This keeps the line moving faster.

Photo Credits: Pixabay