Typhoon Megi Loses Steam, Weakens On It’s Way To China


Updated Trends: Typhoon Megi Loses Steam, Weakens On It’s Way To China

Asia’s super typhoon Megi has begun to lose steam and weaken, as it is on it’s way to South China. Megi, which caused credible destruction in the Philippines, had also killed 19 people in the south Asian country. It was believed that this storm would be creating the same sort of devastation as it reached South China, but since Wednesday, the storm system has slowly lost its steam.

typhoon megi china

Reports state that the storm system is currently located around 460 kms from Hong Kong and has sustained wind speeds of 185 kmph, which is moving north-northeast at a speed of 11 kmph. China, on the other hand, has started to prepare for the worst  and this storm is expected to hit south China coast and will possibly cause huge damage.

Earlier this year, some 2000 people were killed in floods and heavy rains in China. The country has faced the worst natural calamities this year and Typhoon Megi is just on it’s way. People from the Hainan island have been evacuated and have been shifted to a safer place just for better protection.