FDA announces recall of Disney branded hand sanitizers for children

FDA said that the Disney branded hand sanitizers for children contain chemicals that can cause cancer


The Food and Drug Administration has announced a recall of the Disney branded hand sanitizer products that were meant to be for children. The products have been recalled as they contained a potential cancer causing chemical. The recalled products had used the iconic Disney characters like the Mickey Mouse and Baby Yoda of Star Wars. The FDA has said that they found the chemical benzene that the officials classify as a carcinogen and methanol.

The recall was voluntary by Best Brands Consumer Products that Disney has licensed the branding to. The parents who are already using the product are being warned to return the bottles to a store and they would receive a refund. The agency in a press release has explained that the recall is applied to the Mandalorian Hand Sanitizer which has a Mickey Mouse branding to it. The product was fond to be contaminated with benzene which is a highly flammable liquid and is common in the United States and is the main cause for the recall of the products like makeup for contamination. The chemical in question is used in manufacturing of pesticides and laundry detergents and is heavily regulated.

Constant exposure to the chemical over time can increase the risk of a person developing leukemia or other types of cancer. The exposure can also cause damage to the nervous system and the physical contact can also damage the skin and eyes of a person. The recall is applied to the green and blue versions of the product. Reports further say that methanol was also found to be contaminating the products. Although there are no cancer causing properties in methanol but the exposure to the chemical can cause a person to go blind and can also cause a person to go blind.

The products in question were launched in 2020 but are now no longer in the shelves. A number of families still have the bottles of the product at home.

Photo Credits: Pixabay