Ukraine AirBnbs receive massive bookings amidst war

People from across the globe are booking AirBnbs in Ukraine to show support for the crisis hit region


The sudden attacks and invasions by Russia in to Ukraine has left the nation in a major crisis in many decades. This crisis has triggered a massive exodus of people who are now taking refuge in the neighboring countries like Poland, Slovakia and Romania. Amidst the acute crisis, the AirBnbs in Ukraine has seen a massive increase in bookings from other countries. These bookings on the properties have no intentions to stay, but is a way to support Ukraine during these trying times.

Majority of the bookings have come from the United States , United Kingdom and Canada. Reports say that the AirBnbs in Ukraine has received bookings of more than $1.9 million amidst the Russia and Ukraine crisis. In order to support the gesture from people, the company has waived off the guest and the host fees for all the bookings. The initiative was started by an Instagram user Quentin Quanrantino, who came up with the idea and posted about it on the social network.

A number of people joined the cause and made bookings in Ukraine and also posted and confirmed the same on social media. The AirBnb CEO informed that the country received bookings of 61,406 nights in a span of just 48 hours. He also informed that out of that $1.9 went to the hosts for assistance. The property rental site talked to Instagram about the steps that can be followed to book an AirBnb in Ukraine by people who might be interested in helping and contributing to the cause by helping the host.

It has also asked the users to help the rentals that are hosted by the locals in the affected areas of the country in Kharkiv, Kyiv and Kherson. AirBnb also said that the supporters can use the Instant Book option to book the properties as the hosts might not have an internet connection. It has also asked the supporters to inform the hosts that they are not actually occupying but sending the money for support.

Photo Credits: Pixabay