France Strikes – Aviation Fuel Shortage At Paris International Airport


Updated Trends: France Strikes – Aviation Fuel Shortage At Paris International Airport

Amidst the nationwide strikes in France, it has been reported that there is an aviation fuel shortage at the Paris international airport. Transporters across the nation too have sat down and are protesting against the retirement age and pension age, which has been revised by the government. And when there is no adequate transportation available, the Paris international airport is suffering from fuel shortage for the past few days now.

Charles De Gaulle Airport Fuel Shortage

Most of the oil depots and oil refineries in the country has been affected greatly by the latest strikes. On the other hand, various unions are organizing their own protests against the pension plans of the government . Some thousands of students will be joining protest rallies against the government on Saturday, which will be marking the fifth day of the strike.

The strongest agitations have come from the employees and workers in the country, as 200 union marches are scheduled to take place all around the country. Trapil, the company which supplies aviation fuel to French airports, has said that Charles De Gaulle airport will not run out of fuel in at least next week.