China Coal Mine Blast Kills 20 Workers


Updated Trends: China Coal Mine Blast Kills 20 Workers

A blast that occurred at a coal mine in China, has killed 20 workers and has left 17 of them trapped in the mine. After an investigation, it was reported that the blast was a gas explosion, and it occurred at the coal in the Henan Province of China. The authorities state that there were around 276 workers working in the mine during the explosion.

China Coal Mine Blast

According to reports, the authorities have managed to rescue 239 workers but the rest are either killed or trapped inside. China, earlier, had stated that it would closing down 1355 mines, which was a part of restructuring of the whole mining industry.

China also had put special emphasis on lowering the level of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. Today, China is the largest energy consumer in the world and in the coal industry it has a very bloody history due to the poor safety standards offered to the mine workers.