Things you should avoid tossing in the fireplace

A nice and warm fireplace can be a great winter hangout place but a few things should not be tossed in to it


A nice and cozy fireplace is the best place to spend time during the cold winter days. While you might be tempted to toss a few things that could support the fire, but there are still certain things that should not be tossed. Here are a few things that you should not put in to the fireplace.

1. Coated or treated wood – Treated or coated wood can contain toxic chemicals and when they are burnt, they can be released in the air that you breathe. It can be in the form of varnished woods, paint or form of arsenic.

2. Lighter fluid – Charcoal starter fluid or lighter fluid should never be used to start a fire in a fireplace. Such products should be designed for a few specific purposes only and should not be used for indoor fire.

3. Cardboard – Material like cardboard are often found in packaging material but they begin a roaring fire and can catch fire really quickly. You might be tempted to toss the pizza or cereal boxes that are usually treated with chemicals.

4. Magazines or colored paper – The colored or magazine paper usually contain chemical pigmentation that release toxic fumes when they are burned. If you want to start the fire, you can use a couple of them but not more than that. Even bits of burning paper can float up inside the room.

5. Wet-firewood – Always make sure that the firewood that you use is dry or any moisture in the wood would create a lot of smoke that can build up in the chimney.

6. Trash – A lot of people tend to toss an empty plastic/foam cup or a used paper plate to an open fire. Many of such products contain chemicals when burnt can be released in the air that you can breathe.

7. Dried leaves – Dried leaves can be used to start a fire, but it might not be a great idea. It burns quickly and increases the temperature. The sudden change in temperature can damage the flues in the chimney.

Photo Credits: Pixabay